About Us

Wayne Bergman helps leaders build healthy and valuable businesses.

Over his business and military career, the common denominator he sees in healthy and profitable businesses is the decisions and actions taken by engaged, aligned and talented people with the right resources focused on the right goals and the right customers.

Growing any business is about looking into the future, defining the trajectory and direction and building the team.

Throughout Wayne’s career he was presented with and accepted several opportunities in which his bosses asked… “How would you feel about taking on this new role as…? I think you have demonstrated what it takes to get this opportunity off the ground and growing.”

After some initial discovery questions, it was not unusual for Wayne to determine that many of these leadership opportunities came with… No title or job description; no department or budget; no office; no team. But there was a map and a network of people he could use to help him as well as a pat on the back and… “Ok, that is the basic idea - let me know what you need. Good Luck!”

That’s it!

It was then on Wayne to create an exciting vision, define customer needs, establish growth goals and action plans, enlist help including mentors and address a significant level of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership are development journeys conducted in complex, ambiguous, dynamic and uncertain environments. Growing a business requires growing leaders at all levels. Growing both revenues and the bottom line requires people who are aligned and focused on the right actions.

Seven Benefits of working with Wayne Bergman as Your Business or Executive Coach…

  1. Breakthrough Results & Execution Focus – Using the 9 Drivers for Doubling Profits Wayne focuses on short-term revenue, cash-flow, and profit opportunities and challenges that you face in your business. Since 2004, Wayne’s clients have been enjoying revenues ranging from under $1 million to over $3 billion.
  2. Growth Mindset - Wayne has coached and trained hundreds of owners and leaders based on the value of a Growth Mindset and coaching at all levels by answering the questions… “How does growing your business help you achieve the income goals you have set? How does having the right people and the right tools help your get the revenues and profits needed to fund your growth? How does improving leadership, teamwork and communications help you get better results without your personal day to day management?”
  3. Engaged and Aligned Team - What must we accomplish in the next 90-180 days to stay on trajectory? From experience with clients in multiple sales offices, the 4 Horizons Planning, frequency of discussions and action plans are based on the unique needs and urgency of each client. Alignment and focus require ongoing face to face conversations with the team.
  4. Proven Coaching Approach – Since starting his coaching firm in 2004, Wayne had developed tailored one-on-one and group coaching to facilitate your personal and professional growth using your business as the case study. The fundamentals of a healthy and valuable business (including non-profit) are similar. The unique success of your business is based on how well you implement these fundamentals. Working together, Wayne will move you and your team in the desired direction to reach your goals.
  5. Broad Experience in Business Development, Building Teams & Developing Leaders in Challenging Leadership Experiences - Wayne has had the opportunity to coach, mentor, lead, and influence international teams across a wide range of both direct and indirect relationships. He is a strong believer in the need to continuously build a strong culture and prepare for succession with a strong leadership pipeline.
  6. Diverse Knowledge & Cultural Experience – Wayne has traveled to over 25 countries and both worked with and hosted customers from every continent. Wayne has extensive international business leadership experience in sales, marketing and business development environments as well as cash flow and profit management, financial management and controls, customer service, team building and performance, leadership development, succession planning, and building and growing valuable businesses in a broad range of industries.
  7. Personal Preparation for a Variety of Environments“What did you wish you knew prior to taking on challenging assignments?” Studying, practicing, and developing leadership skills has been a constant as Wayne faced the opportunities mentioned. He has received professional training and experience in the dynamics of interpersonal relations, leadership development, and individual and team behavior in a variety of roles during his career in international business and military service. He is committed to his personal growth, knowledge, skills, and relationships to ensure that he is capable of delivering the best advice and he has read their books or received training from experts like: John Maxwell; Marshall Goldsmith; Jeff Gitomer; Larry Winget; Verne Harnish; Keith Cunningham; John Kotter; and others.