Coaching and Training Services

The need for coaching depend on your unique situation and the urgency and intensity needed to achieve the growth goals you have set.

Across companies and industries, improving and retaining business knowledge and skills in dynamic markets is key to consistent and healthy growth. Tracking progress with metrics, learning and sharing best practices and new testing strategies helps leaders and managers make better decisions and deliver consistent results.

According to a variety of sources, the success rate for business has increased in recent years. There are many clues to the increased success rates and these success clues are what Wayne focuses on for your business. A major factor for the increased success rates is that business owners and leaders have identified key gaps/weakness and have invested in raising the level of key business skills.

Coaching is a learning relationship between a Client and the Coach. It starts with assessing the current situation, clarifying the desired destination/vision, setting relevant goals towards that result and applying what is learned to stay on trajectory both virtual and face-to-face coaching are tailored based on the situation.

Growing Financially Healthy and Rewarding Businesses

The formation of many businesses is based on the quote from Peter Drucker: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Jobs and resulting profits are derived from one source, the customer’s revenues. There is no other source for profits and there is no lack of innovative strategies to grow revenues and profits simultaneously.

Profits can be prioritized and reinvested by owners to help generate more profits. Owners and employees use invested profits to design, build and grow a healthy and successful business that anticipates and solves the ever changing needs of these loyal customers.

Some business look beyond customers as their purpose. A growing number of owners strive to serve the needs of their community with high paying skilled jobs and reliable taxes revenues, address needs of society, protect the planet, serve philanthropic interests and others.

There are common factors, influencers and KPI’s that guide companies on the path to consistently deliver cash, profits and revenues. The more the owner and the leadership team accurately measure the business, the better the opportunity to focus on the priorities that will achieve desired financial results and deliver on the purpose.

We focus on the areas that allow companies to achieve the desired revenues, profits and cash flow and avoid the actions that cause businesses to struggle or fail to achieve its goals.

Coaching for Business Owners and Business Leaders

Coaching is tailored development process designed to meet the unique needs of the client and the organization. In its basic form, we start with how the business is performing today as measured by results and where the owner or leader wants the result to be by a certain time. Coaching is about application of skills, accountability for action and improving how the business functions.

Based a coach’s perspective, we identify the common patterns of success in business or a function. A clear picture of the current situation/reality helps us identify the successes the business enjoys, the core strengths and advantages a business has but may not be leveraging and the challenges and obstacles preventing achievement of desired results.

Coaching effectiveness must be measured against a change of results. The changes needed to operate and sustain the growth of healthy business. Examples: Increased customer loyalty can be measured. Improvements in marketing and sales can be measured. Changes in cash flow and profits can be measured. Individual and team performance can be measured.

One-on-One Coaching. Many business owners have seen positive impact on their business from investment of time and money with results based coaching. The most popular coaching program focusing on financial health, customer focused marketing, sales and customer conversion, team building and the tools needed to support consistent growth or readiness to scale. Two models we focus on include:

  • 9 Drivers for Double Profits
  • The Consistent Business Growth Model

Team and Organizational Coaching. Shared learning facilitation and effective coaching through interactive sessions leveraging the experience of the current results, challenges, opportunities, decisions, priorities and growth goals of the actual business. Accelerate engagement and alignment with goals, values and culture, problem solving, foundational leadership skills, training adoption and stronger internal networks.

These sessions are designed to help everyone involved in growth and change.

  • 4 Horizons Dialogue and Planning Meetings
  • Team Alignment Meetings
  • Group Coaching and Workshops
  • Shared Learning and Projects Coaching

Coaching a Succession and Leadership Transitions

Succession presents unique challenges for every organization. Whether a public corporation or a closely held family business, an orderly succession of key leaders in a complex and dynamic world is critical for the long term success and value of the business.

For owners the final leg of the entrepreneurial journey, or a leadership role, needs to be as successful as the first leg. Succession is not avoidable and there are a range of actions to increase value as part of that work. Based on the list of actions, it could take years to resolve.

Beyond owners and C-Level leaders, coaching high potential employees in new roles can help increase their confidence and effectiveness and accelerate results. A solid succession development and coaching agenda helps build a talent depth chart and identifies candidates who have displayed readiness for increased responsibilities.

Regardless of what your succession looks like, there are key drivers that help increase value and key factors that can reduce value. Items to prepare in this final leg include:

  • Dependence on the owner or a “Hero” leader
  • Strength of the management team
  • Financial health – Cash Flow, Profits, records, etc.
  • Concentration or diversity of revenue streams
  • A credible growth strategy supported by marketing and customer relationship strategies

The longest operating family businesses have successfully grown and transferred over multiple generations. Some family businesses have been operating continuously since the formation of the United States. The owner’s transfer knowledge is critical to sustaining the expected return on the owner’s investment in the business. Successful family businesses are one of the well know and best paths to create family wealth. A business should not only be an income generating asset for owners but an investment asset in their wealth portfolio as well.

Training, Workshops and Meeting Facilitation.

Based on what is discovered during the needs assessment and team alignment conversations, business skills training is scheduled to address gaps and accelerate results.

We use two training methods with clients:

  • Team meetings. Shared learning facilitation and effective coaching through interactive sessions leveraging the experience of the current results, challenges, opportunities, decisions, priorities and growth goals of the actual business. Group facilitation accelerates discovery, engagement and alignment with goals, values and culture, problem solving, foundational leadership skills, training adoption and stronger internal networks.
  • Workshops and Webinars. Unlike coaching, skill-based training is directed method of teaching a specific set of skills to augment current level of knowledge or fill identified gaps. Business skills training is for anyone as they enter new responsibilities. Our business workshop training supports our coaching designed to cover a wide range of topics to improve financial performance, sales growth, marketing, team building, etc.

Based on assessment and pre-work, each workshop can be tailored to the needs of the attendees to ensure that the results are focused and provide guaranteed results.

Business workshop training and keynote speech assistance services are available for both company specific sessions as well as general sessions.

  • The Consistent Business Growth Model
  • 9 Drivers to Double Profits
  • 4 Horizons 90 Day Planning
  • Boost the Value of Your Business Now and… for Your Future
  • Marketing - Attract The Right Customers
  • Sales – Stop Selling… Convert Buyers into Loyal Customers
  • Help Your Team Deliver Healthy Financial Results
  • Building Winning Teams

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